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Palazzo Mezzopreti Gomez

Viale Bovio 29

Pescara (IT)



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Paper Moon


Curated by Domenico De Chirico

May 10 – 20, 2017

La stanza sul Mare – Pescara – design by Studio ZERO85



I’m working with painting as a tool for (indirectly) giving obscured areas and domains visual appearance. The non-linear qualities connected to the medium, and the possibility to closely utilize intuition — intuition as a form of knowledge just not accessible through the spoken or written language — makes painting a way to nuance such areas. And as painting can activate a kind of dynamic seeing in the viewer; addressing the body, memories, experiences, tacit knowledge, intuition etc. i find that we are sensitive receptors to hidden messages, peripheral areas and other unspeakable things.

Kalle Lindmark lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.


I work with forms of enclosures in relation to animals and the human body – driven by divergent lines of imagined narratives and information flows. I think of enclosures here as architectural, visual modes of surveillance: ways of visually tracking and monitoring bodies in a defined space. I think of enclosure, here too, as evasions of surveillance, as possibility for recess and shelter: a private chamber in which to take rest, the seeking of refuge in a fortress, a folding into the ether.

For me, these considerations are inextricable from my process of making, how physical materials behave – the weight and density of a concrete cast, the reflective properties of a plastic surface, the lines of architecture. In the encounter, the primary form of address is the body in space, a composition of lines striving to register an array of psychic resonances within the space.

Kah Bee Chow lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.


ph Sergio Camplone


Installation view 

Kah Bee Chow, “O”, 2017, wood, paint, lacquer, plastic string, masking tape, foam

Kah Bee Chow, Nej, 2017, wood, paint, lacquer, plastic string

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-4

Installation view

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-5

Kalle Lindmark, Fortress, 2017, oil on canvas

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-6

Installation view

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-7

Kalle Lindmark, Fortress, 2017, oil on canvas

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-8

Kalle Lindmark, Fortress, 2017, oil on canvas

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-9

Installation view

©sergiocamplone_SOYUZ_Paper Moon-10

Kalle Lindmark, Fortress, 2017, oil on canvas

Kah Bee Chow, 🔲, 2017, Vinil

Installation view






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